Sunday, July 3, 2011

0 Re: [Band-in-a-Box] REQ: Firehouse Dixieland Fakebook in bass clef


> Not exactly a BIAB topic. But a while ago I downloaded a fabulous
> Firehouse Dixieland fakebook from a link on a topic here. Now I need
> to know whether the Firehouse fakebook is available with bass clef
> music.

There is another really good work available, the Phil Wilkins Fake Book.
I have it on CD and there are identical versions for C, Bb, Eb and Bass
Clef (in C - trombone as you know theoretically is a Bb instrument but
its sheet music is written in C). Even the lyrics are included in all
versions so the trombonist can sing along too if he feels like it.

It's interesting for all band members to have exactly the same version
of every song (the guys I play with never bring sheet music and everyone
plays a different version but as long as the chords and the number of
measures is approximately equal things seem to work anyway). The CD is
cheap. It has most of the (American only) music you need in a trad jazz

I bought it from

(Look under Books, Fake Books etc.)

The pages are in GIF format and so are no problem to read in Windows and
Linux and they make beautiful printouts.


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