Sunday, August 14, 2011

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This is also a challenge for me. When I was Primary President, I allowed treats once in awhile until I had one very vocal parent complain. Since then, no food has been allowed. However, I've heard the new handbook doesn't say you can't bring food so we are thinking of doing a treat reward once in awhile (maybe once a quarter). Hopefully no one will complain!

--- In, "passeymom" <passeymom@...> wrote:
> Many of you have mentioned using treats or a treat type of reward for the primary program. I guess I thought food wasn't supposed to be used as a reward in primary. Has that changed?
> I always feel a little uneasy about the kids with dietary restrictions - lacotse intolerance, diabetes, allergies, etc. You never know what family dietary restrictions there are too and I just don't want anyone to feel left out.
> Are there other ideas out there that people use as a motivator or reward that doesn't involve food? Maybe there's something that uses healthy food as an alternative to the usual stuff?
> Just wanted to ask around. Thanks!
> Diane

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